Life…. Get on board!

We are selfish How many times have we heard this? How many times have we thought about a motive before doing a deed? How many times have we ignored the selfless for our own objectives? We are selfish Why do we think about no one but ourselves at times? Why do we let our ego... Continue Reading →

The Off-vestment

The wallet’s light, I’m still “penny wise” I can’t buy that sonny, my hand’s too tight. The pension’s low, the budget’s a foe… The pile is rising of the money I owe… How do we get to eat, if my job has been stripped? How do we face the heat, if our mortgage has been... Continue Reading →


I look up while I'm walking, I don't feel like talking... I confiscated the boredom, but the loneliness is stalking... I cheered myself, I sneered myself, within my aura, I fought... I hustled myself, I questioned myself... What is it that I sought? I jump to conclusions too early; still the doubt surrounds the result...... Continue Reading →


  At world's demise, a cold premise, that life could still sustain... The feet trembles, the scene resembles, of lives lived in vein... The end is near, the onset of fear, worlds clash over greed... The gates are seized, revenge is leased, peace won't be freed... Cataclysm is built, men with no guilt, are showing... Continue Reading →

Am I alive or am I dead?

I check my vital status, I try to calculate... ...I explore my apparatus, I try to judge my state... As I see the years rush, my doubts encapsulate... ...I listen to the humble hush, of my god forsaken fate... It's not about the joys now, it's about my doubtful state... ...No sense of rejoice now,... Continue Reading →

Weird and Confusing

Another one of my pestering thoughts... ...eats me up every now and then again. Tells me to stop and think about how radically life can change... It did, for me at least. Is it just me or everyone comes across these people who have no idea how to control their impulses... I mean, one moment... Continue Reading →

The Obscurity of Pessimism!

Its really Unfortunate that at times when everything is just about going right, the ones who haven't really experienced the good times are really afraid and scared that something, somewhere along the line would come and ruin everything, 'Cuz thats how they know life... ... it's like a child recently crossing the height limits to... Continue Reading →

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