The Objective – Guidelines for being a co-author and expressing your views

Hello Internet!!!!This Blog is meant to post the grievances of the respective Governments not subjected to cities, states and even nations. I know that government is selected by the people and hence, people are equally responsible for the condition of their own city or town. But hey, Even if someone steps up to fix it,... Continue Reading →



Time like wheel keeps walking on; Memoirs from subconscious I read… Apprehension haunts, keeps stalking on; Opportunities are what I seek… I laugh and joke and call it a “break”, but is this “break” making me weak? There’s a lot in here, a lot at stake, but can my destiny be oblique? Times shall witness... Continue Reading →

Blog/Film Related Survey

Hey people!! Now this is a shout out to everyone... (If I would say a humble request, would you do me a favour then?)... A friend of mine is doing his thesis and requires your help, he is a fellow classmate and is doing his thesis in Blogs and Film related Blogs. If you've got... Continue Reading →

The free road….

Alas! The free road, the one I can walk with pride… Where I would have no fear, would have nothing to hide… Is this nirvana? Is this a dream or a delusion…? Is this real? Or I’m contemplating an illusion? I can’t walk free… I have my thoughts blocking my way… I can’t walk free…... Continue Reading →

Life…. Get on board!

We are selfish How many times have we heard this? How many times have we thought about a motive before doing a deed? How many times have we ignored the selfless for our own objectives? We are selfish Why do we think about no one but ourselves at times? Why do we let our ego... Continue Reading →

The Off-vestment

The wallet’s light, I’m still “penny wise” I can’t buy that sonny, my hand’s too tight. The pension’s low, the budget’s a foe… The pile is rising of the money I owe… How do we get to eat, if my job has been stripped? How do we face the heat, if our mortgage has been... Continue Reading →


I look up while I'm walking, I don't feel like talking... I confiscated the boredom, but the loneliness is stalking... I cheered myself, I sneered myself, within my aura, I fought... I hustled myself, I questioned myself... What is it that I sought? I jump to conclusions too early; still the doubt surrounds the result...... Continue Reading →


  At world's demise, a cold premise, that life could still sustain... The feet trembles, the scene resembles, of lives lived in vein... The end is near, the onset of fear, worlds clash over greed... The gates are seized, revenge is leased, peace won't be freed... Cataclysm is built, men with no guilt, are showing... Continue Reading →

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