First child of Walt & Billie, alternative champ Graduated Emory, Silly; an executive - Supertramp Breaking away from tenderness From Cali to AZ to Carthage, path to salvation From flash flooding carnage, to rabbit starvation Redefining freedom in sombreness Laying out in the ground, meditating Innocence lost – soul found, repudiating Finding wisdom in wilderness... Continue Reading →

Grasshopper Dream

The scent of fresh water falling off the edge of the cliff Like the violet dream of a haunted forgotten church Carefully missing four pieces of the stained glass Melting with the background tree Sound of birds fading away Crickets murmur Broken organ sighs behind the rubble around the corner Sulking in the faint memory... Continue Reading →

Is there anyone out there?

Scattering through the never-ending floating junkyard of ruins Like scanning for a nugget on a deserted island after a tsunami Looking for our neighbours in this Milky Way Like searching for someone familiar you know at a party Asteroids take different shapes and trail off Blazing hot like oranges over a tandoor in a dark... Continue Reading →

Mission Infinity

Dead beat job, few passions worth dying for Marketing and sales, not worth lying for Careers are jobs knitted on a rope Travelling unknown lands, assessing our way through Taking in the open air, cherishing the ravishing hue Self-discovery is more divine than the pope Burning rubber on tracks, without a fear in mind Pushing... Continue Reading →

Death by Cancer

I thought my life was shattered when I heard the bad news...Life from a different angle, I witnessed strange views.What do I do now? I was surrounded with enigma.Never knew there would be such unwanted stigma. “You had it coming” they said, like I lost a hand at poker.I guess it was my fault that... Continue Reading →

McCartney Dream

Between you and me We share a dream A vision of future Not far it seems Where the grass Is always green A vivid celebration Of beauty unforeseen Lips are canals Eyes are highways Stretching Between you and me Between you and me We can be free Ride down south To the last degree We... Continue Reading →

Mother Earth

She stands there to witness our construction Not saying a word, she keeps her cool Our creation, lust, wrath & final destruction While her advocates study in school It’s a hoax, it’s a conspiracy they say Winds help her message and tips us Awaiting that horrid yet inevitable day Water brings havoc that fits us... Continue Reading →

I am a lesbian, I am a transgender, I am gay. I am not what you want. I am not what you say. I am the rules you make. I seek for happiness all around. I am what I take. I have no regrets in life. I take on every fight. I am a husband,... Continue Reading →

Another Disastrous Day

Pacing up and racing down, trying to get my golden crown… City to city and town to town, I could never lose the frown… So then I thought “I’ll turn it around”, “ride your luck” I made no sound… Ended up in unfamiliar grounds, cut by razors and chased by hounds… Got me patched and... Continue Reading →

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