Sky that will be

Dark dingy and grey
That’s what they say
Blue out of range
Real climate change
Hoax are the chances
A black mist dances
Murky waters are filthy
Under a sky that will be


Happy Halloween All!

As we conclude the Sky Series, here’s wishing everyone an amazing Halloween. Don’t get used this sporadic format, this is a change of gears from my usual posts.

This poem’s main reason is to make sure that we are reminded of that apocalyptic vision, if we don’t act on Climate change now! This is accompanied by a print created by Shally at the start of 2020. All parts of the Sky Series are also available for prints on her store.

Take care all and stay safe 




️PS: If you’re on Instagram, don’t miss the sneak peek of Halloween Room Makeover (plus so much more) on my awesome handle HERE!

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