Within: a short story

New short story published on CafesnCities – making this my 5th story published on this amazing magazine.

This one’s about self-discovery and focussing on mental health in men, a topic which should be talked about more often. Please read the full story below, but make sure you start off with Part 1.

Here’s an excerpt from the story:

I tied the rope around the fan and made a small noose near the end. I also made a tight knot at the end so that it holds itself and my weight. I lifted the Mac and my phone off the centre table and placed them on the leather sofa. I could see a few linkedin notifications popping up on my phone as I stood on the table, adjusting the makeshift noose.

I stepped on the centre table and placed the makeshift noose closer to my head. And as I stood there, thinking what it would be my last breath. I thought of all the people in my life, my friends, my family. I thought of what life would be without me. And I asked myself some rational questions

You can view all my articles and short stories on Cafes’n’Cities HERE

Stay safe all. And be kind to yourself!

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