Flying away like an unhinged feather Speeding away all wrapped in leather Forgetting yesterday’s troubles away Cherishing the moment that’s here to stay Up in arms about how you’ve been Breathing in the hills and feeling the scene Ecstatic about the ones you love Drifting past the flying dove Hitting the right and playful notes... Continue Reading →


The Monster

    The wait is over but the remembrance remains of a faint monster playing its wasteful game This monster is not the usual kind for it laughs when you wouldn't This monster resides within your head And smears when you couldn't   That prank you played on your sister with the fake ball sack... Continue Reading →

Another Day

    Back in the groove to fight another day… Back on the move, amidst a rainy day… Plans are hay-wired, takes more to process it…   Mind is not retired, it’s just metamorphosis… Steered on to the right, ain’t no corporate spin up… Can’t stop the bleeding fight, chest out and chin up… Pause... Continue Reading →


  This isn’t my language, it is my sin… For I can’t complete what I begin…   The flight of doom takes a plunge… A lighter gloom amidst the grunge…   A sober light, a woman’s cry… The night we flew, the nights we tried…   The mystic fighter who boards the boat… The fallen... Continue Reading →

The New Year…. Resolution…

I get stuck in the midst of work, Rock and Roll... No typing the keys as the time takes its toll... No saving the world, just trying to make a living… Trying to be calm in this life not so forgiving… So new agendas, new plans for New Year… Living on the edge, tranquilizing the... Continue Reading →

A Precious Gift

How eclectic can you be? When experimenting you resist… How receptive can you be? When the fog hits the mist…     I jumped up with joy; I got what I wanted… Fate’s unusual ploy, my destiny taunted…     I wanted to escape, without the usual route… With too much at stake, I jumped... Continue Reading →

The Off-vestment

The wallet’s light, I’m still “penny wise” I can’t buy that sonny, my hand’s too tight. The pension’s low, the budget’s a foe… The pile is rising of the money I owe… How do we get to eat, if my job has been stripped? How do we face the heat, if our mortgage has been... Continue Reading →


I look up while I'm walking, I don't feel like talking... I confiscated the boredom, but the loneliness is stalking... I cheered myself, I sneered myself, within my aura, I fought... I hustled myself, I questioned myself... What is it that I sought? I jump to conclusions too early; still the doubt surrounds the result...... Continue Reading →


  At world's demise, a cold premise, that life could still sustain... The feet trembles, the scene resembles, of lives lived in vein... The end is near, the onset of fear, worlds clash over greed... The gates are seized, revenge is leased, peace won't be freed... Cataclysm is built, men with no guilt, are showing... Continue Reading →

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