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My name is Yan ~ Poète Maudit. I am currently working on a collection of sonnet and non-sonnet poems that are highly influenced by the poetry of Jim Morrison. I fell in love with the music of The Doors but more so with the poetry of their lead singer, Jim Morrison, The Lizard King. I shall be writing new poetry on this website along with short stories, some published on CafesnCities (Now known as Scribe Mag).

Underwaterfall is an effort to collaborate all the poetry I’ve composed over the years and has excerpts from my previous blog. I’ve also categorised some of my old blog posts I wrote around a decade ago under nostalgia as it reminds me how different my views were.

You can view my previous blog here

A bit of detail about me and the one who inspires me to continue everyday. For all those who know, I’ll keep it short and for the ones who don’t, I promise I won’t bore you.

A collection of my sonnets & selected works would be out very soon in paperback and digital. I’m planning on releasing it in two parts, so stay tuned for more updates about all my WIPs. A prelude to this, Underwaterfall: A Journey, is out on Amazon (US, India & Australia) & Smashwords. My second publication was a feature in an Anthology: Poems of Political Protest, published by City Limits Publishing. 

This website/blog wouldn’t have been possible without my partner , Shally. She’s an artist, specialising in digital, acrylic, oil and water. In the past few months, Shally and I have been collaborating on an art-poetry collection, some of the projects along with all her works are available here.  An avid book reader, she also enjoys learning about the origin and current fashion trends.  She also puts up with my rock & roll shenanigans and loves going out for concerts. 

Feel free to navigate and reach out to me on my different social and web avenues through my linktree!

Hope you find something in every post on this archive. Be safe and be kind, they’re both worth it!

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