Info & details is our effort to collaborate all the poetry I’ve composed over the years and has excerpts from my previous blog. I’ve also categorised some of my old blog posts I wrote around a decade ago under nostalgia as it reminds me how different my views were.

You can view my previous blog here

A bit of detail about me and the one who inspires me to continue everyday. For all those who know, I’ll keep it short and for the ones who don’t, I promise I won’t bore you.

My name is Yan. I am currently working on a collection of sonnet and non-sonnet poems that are highly influenced by the poetry of Jim Morrison. I fell in love with the music of The Doors but more so with the poetry of their lead singer, James Douglas Morrison (Jim for short). Underwaterfall is my effort to showcase all those poems and stories I’ve written about since I was in my high school. Along with posts from my old blogger site, I would be writing new poetry on this website along with random stories. A collection of my poems would be out soon in paperback/digital.

Not to bore you, but I wanna tell you something about my partner , Shally. This website/blog wouldn’t have been possible without her. Shally is an artist & you can view all work here. She’s also trained in Indian classical vocals and enjoys listening to a variety of musical genres ranging from classic rock to house to sufi. She embarked on her art journey after years of doodling and trying to explore her creative side. An avid book reader, she also enjoys learning about the origin and current fashion trends.  She also puts up with my rock & roll shenanigans and loves going out for concerts.

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Hope you something in every post!

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