New short story published on CafesnCities called “Vegas”

Do read the whole story here:

Here’s an excerpt from the story:

“Last call for bets” Exclaimed Rochelle.

I placed a $10 chip on the place where it says call and another $5 on the Ante, which would give me higher chances and started my gambling for the night.

I got a pair of Kings. How awesome is that, on my first bet.

The flop came.
**Ace- King- Jack
this just got tricky – I thought. I still have a bigger hand.
“Can I double the bet?” I asked Rochelle.
“No, you can only bet what you bet first, no raise after the flop” Rochelle replied.

I bet in $10 again. It was the fourth card’s time, the turn.

O man, this just got trickier. I still have a good hand, but it certainly looks like someone is going to get a straight.
I bet in $10 again, the other player gave me a look and placed his bet too. It was the turn of “the river”, the last card of the game.


This is unbelievable, I just got four-of-a-kind in my first hand of poker! Rochelle finally revealed her pair of cards
**Ace- Jack

She had two pairs, I win!The man next to me also revealed his cards.


This is going to be an exciting month for me. eBook is in the final works and would be released very soon. Another poem coming up before the countdown begins for the launch!


Thank you all for reading and for your amazing support through this journey, hang on for the best parts to come!


Be kind, Be safe – they’re both worth it!

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