Raining Blood

A dried up well full of stains
of blood that washed away
The undead that left their mark
dying in the pitiful dark
Their struggles, sorrows and pains
screams which were lost away
Amidst the puddle of human waste
The devil himself knows the taste

Deserted playground of skulls and bones
Blood clotted in their fingers and spleen
While vultures devour their treats
Pulling eyes out of their sockets
No more selfies from their fancy phones
A grim outcome, annihilated scene
Never learning from their defeats
They lied dead with empty pockets

As if this wasn’t dark enough by now
The cloud roared and darkness seized
With a strike of lightening on old tree
Bloody spells of rain all you could see
Witchery it was, but why? And how?
Closer to the end, the rain eased
The souls of the dead were set free
The devil whispered a prayer for thee

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