Flying away like an unhinged feather Speeding away all wrapped in leather Forgetting yesterday’s troubles away Cherishing the moment that’s here to stay Up in arms about how you’ve been Breathing in the hills and feeling the scene Ecstatic about the ones you love Drifting past the flying dove Hitting the right and playful notes... Continue Reading →


The Monster

    The wait is over but the remembrance remains of a faint monster playing its wasteful game This monster is not the usual kind for it laughs when you wouldn't This monster resides within your head And smears when you couldn't   That prank you played on your sister with the fake ball sack... Continue Reading →

Another Day

    Back in the groove to fight another day… Back on the move, amidst a rainy day… Plans are hay-wired, takes more to process it…   Mind is not retired, it’s just metamorphosis… Steered on to the right, ain’t no corporate spin up… Can’t stop the bleeding fight, chest out and chin up… Pause... Continue Reading →


The sadness that cracks through the realm… …of an enterprise that you won’t tell him… Beating around the bush, while you’re the scapegoat… Telling you to be shush, while they’re speeding their speedboat… The slippery slope, the dimming hope… That revival is just around the corner… Too much to cope, a broken rope… A rank... Continue Reading →

The Second Original Song – Set Them Free

So, now we've shifted our gears to release our second original song called "Set Them Free"Do listen and go through the lyrics.... Do not forget to share the music and the band :)Lyrics:Set them free... Let them be..Follow me.. to the last degree..Stand with me... to fight the one..who steals the shine.. from the distant... Continue Reading →

The First Single – Sunday Moon

We've come up with our first single called "Sunday Moon". I've been a bit tied up lately, so couldn't post it earlier... do listen to it...Morrison Blues: http://www.morrisonblues.com/Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/morrisonblues.theband Twitter: https://twitter.com/Morrison_BluesReverbnation: https://www.reverbnation.com/morrisonbluesThe Lyrics:Got up all night to see the Sunday moon shine bright,A dim light with the stars shining on its sides...When it's dawn you're not alone... Open your eyes gaze... Continue Reading →

Morrison Blues – update

Hey guys,We've been practicing more than ever for spreading out the music and flair of The Doors.We recently got our own songs recorded in a studio along with Light my fire of The Doors.Do listen to it and let me know how you find it.In case you haven't already, do like us on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/morrisonblues.thebandIf... Continue Reading →

Covers are released… Compositions to follow

Ever wondered why I left posting my new poems...? They are in works for SONGS guys!!!The band that I'm a part of is called "Morrison Blues"... and I need YOUR support!!!!Here's what you need to do...LIKE our page @ https://www.facebook.com/morrisonblues.thebandCheck out our COVERS @ http://www.morrisonblues.com/PortfolioTwitter person??? Follow us @ https://twitter.com/Morrison_Bluesand keep ANTICIPATING :Pcovers are song that have already... Continue Reading →

Website Launch – Morrison Blues

Hey All,If you've been wondering how and why did I take off posts and shut down the Morrison Tribute blog......I, along with another Morrison follower, have been working hard to write songs and cover The Doors...The concept came about a year back to get a Doors cover band which turned into a band which not... Continue Reading →

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