2 Days

A faint knock on rusted door, I was asleep upstairs
An uninviting time, unsettled debts left to pay
An unknown rhyme, I never had a say
Damp footsteps on dusted floor, amplifying my fears 

And then it was there no more
As I grew near
The shadow disappeared, as I opened the door
Furthermore, I saw something lying on the floor

A glowing shiny tiny box
Ribbon with a slip of my name
Like a Japanese puzzle box
Is this a time for silly game? 

Tore the ribbon from side, ended the suspense
Found a piece of paper, or what’s left of it
It was the content inside, that got me tensed
“You have 2 days to live, make the best of it!”

“Your day was today” it continued the drama
“But I felt like you deserved goodbye” the scroll ended
And I went in a sudden state of trauma
A reflection of all the foes I’ve befriended  

Or maybe a sudden sweet symphony
Of retracting all distractions, of plans that lost directions
Corrections of misdeeds that scream for resurrection
A chilling epiphany

In all my factions
Of all my inactions
I took it all in
And have nothing to give
I let it sink in
That I have 2 days to live 


This is the first poem accompanied by limited edition prints available on Shally’s art store.

Shally is the artist behind most of the art on underwaterfall, a big Kudos!

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