Not a three part story

This is not a three part story
Not a blip, in the unimaginable glory
This is the truth, which no one will confide
Believing grass is greener, on the other side
Flying away, from shackles that caged us
Dying slowly, while history erase us
Every cage we break out of, leads to another
Ask how losing a son is, for a mother
Ask how losing sisters are, for brothers
Seeing those who live and die, for others
But the bird will finally be free
Yearning for a nest on a tree

A tree where quiet and peace prevails
Butterflies dance and tell their tales
A snake wears off his tiresome trail
Even shelters a lonesome snail
And in the midst of all the peace
A Sensei rests in mindful ease
As if he’s searching for his sanity
Being stripped of all vanity
Absorbing the stillness acquired
Radiating what he admired
Only to find himself at end
With peace being his only friend

Third part is always the trickiest
A cheap challenge, or a petty quest
But even in all its glory
This is not a three part story
As bird once freed is shot down
By eager hunter on the ground
While forests burn, nests burn too
Bird knows what it has gone through
All the anger, hatred and rage
The bird was better in the cage
Freedom is the vision
Bird preferred dying in glory
That bird made its decision
What’s your excuse and story?


Special thanks to Shally for the wonderful art on this poetry, If you’re reading this and want to explore more art, do check out

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