Lining with sheets of metal, sheltering objectivity
Layered with pipes of dreams, affirming rigor
The stained glasses reminds of finite subjectivity
or of the muted screams, behind days of vigour
Been a long time in the making
The hopeful valley of peace
A band aid for the aching
Calm in rusted breeze

We carved trees of hope, acquired their wisdom
While you dug oil from ground, power generated
Stretched animal skins to beat your own drum
Pretended to be sound, on the bills you debated
We stared in the eyes of brutalities
Picked up the fallen pieces
Ditching silly formalities
to prove a new thesis

Gathering forces from waves as we sailed through
Stepping on broken crab shells to find a new shore
A new society, for those who could break through
Defying conformity, got to settle the score
Death is worth the cause
A life so monotonous
They hate us because
we live autonomous

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