Mindless Chase

“Run, run like hell, GO!” yelled my partner in crimeAnd I, like an iron bow, started running, out of timehanging on a thin tight rope, of sinful hopeDangling on my back, exposing every trackAmigo fumbled, less time for him to copeas he dropped his gun, and fell on his backI heard shotguns behind, but I... Continue Reading →


Floating space-junks and flying catsA trail of shooting star, ring of a million rocksThe mystery of unknown factsSearching for a single key, to a thousand locksThe very answer to our callingThe divinity in voidAn ambient exploit Metal space hangars, seeking for emancipationPushing agendas to outer spaceMental war mongers, rooting for annihilationNo referendum for human raceWith... Continue Reading →

Neat white lines

Criss cross across the plainSwirling around the iron bellNeat white lines fill the spaceOf void across the circle mazeDo you want to be free? Inwards from side into the mainStories that these lines tellLay flat on a opaque faceDown and up, they stir a gazeWhat do you want to see? Steering inside they make a... Continue Reading →

Ghosts of Dead Birds

A shadowy figure, hidden behind the doorIt was cold and stormy and windy quiteA candle at the back whisperedAnd the light that flickered came to a haltFootsteps echoed with creaking noiseLike déjà vu, the darkness consumed As it drew near, they kept a tight scoreNot one but two ravens, kept their sightSomething peculiar about this... Continue Reading →


Roots and the hills submergeTo the warm progress of an incomplete sunConnected to the coreThrough a single string of hopeWithout contemptWithout judgment Meanwhile on the placid crustWorlds collide over thin cut slices of woodDisjointed by differencesThrough waves of social alibisWithout empathyWithout humanity Birds leave their nest to fly westSeeking shelter for eggs to be hatchedFearing not their demiseThrough stormy... Continue Reading →

Wake Up

Murky glow of greed, roasting on amazon’s fireStarting a movement, marching till their legs retire Charging big levy on hope and rebate on hateNo child abuse, No dumb “poverty-click-bait” Pulverising idols for a new satanic “Wall-Mart”New world to be built. New hope’s a false start Killing our dreams without their hands being tremblyEnough of this... Continue Reading →

Dine w/ Devil

Come along, enter gloomEase your shouldersRead the room Carry on, sip the winePass the chaliceTime to dine Calm down, count your sinsServing nowMash and mince Swallow easy, speak your mindThink againPress rewind Silence pain, mute your screamsPiercing nowIn your dreams Darker now, over soonDine w/ DevilExit Doom

Of Crowns and Blood

Act I – Ambush Escape Dorothy, the King’s daughter, was waiting to escape while the King’s men anticipate, much awaited deadly fate “I don’t want to leave father”, she said in her quirky voice Escorted as the King collapsed, his throne absorbed him one last time “My King, this way” – commander is in, foot... Continue Reading →

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