Wake Up

Murky glow of greed, roasting on amazon’s fireStarting a movement, marching till their legs retire Charging big levy on hope and rebate on hateNo child abuse, No dumb “poverty-click-bait” Pulverising idols for a new satanic “Wall-Mart”New world to be built. New hope’s a false start Killing our dreams without their hands being tremblyEnough of this... Continue Reading →

Broken (Part 2)

Stuck in a life I never wantedWorking when I just want to stopCop the shit I’m in every single dayPay after pay it never goes awayGet fit, talk shit, always on the offensiveBreaking through defences, chained in fences They can’t read my thoughts, yetI bet every chance they get, they strikeThey fight to get you... Continue Reading →

The Simple Man – A Simple Plan

New Delhi, IndiaThe life of a simple man begins often with a simple plan…He checks the clock and packs his bag, The lunch full of rest-over snacks…He checks the time and then he waits, At the stop – the queue he hates…The bus is full but still he goes, The driver’s smoking in the first... Continue Reading →

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