Flying away like an unhinged feather Speeding away all wrapped in leather Forgetting yesterday’s troubles away Cherishing the moment that’s here to stay Up in arms about how you’ve been Breathing in the hills and feeling the scene Ecstatic about the ones you love Drifting past the flying dove Hitting the right and playful notes... Continue Reading →

Another Day

    Back in the groove to fight another day… Back on the move, amidst a rainy day… Plans are hay-wired, takes more to process it…   Mind is not retired, it’s just metamorphosis… Steered on to the right, ain’t no corporate spin up… Can’t stop the bleeding fight, chest out and chin up… Pause... Continue Reading →

The Second Original Song – Set Them Free

So, now we've shifted our gears to release our second original song called "Set Them Free"Do listen and go through the lyrics.... Do not forget to share the music and the band :)Lyrics:Set them free... Let them be..Follow me.. to the last degree..Stand with me... to fight the one..who steals the shine.. from the distant... Continue Reading →

Weird and Confusing

Another one of my pestering thoughts... ...eats me up every now and then again. Tells me to stop and think about how radically life can change... It did, for me at least. Is it just me or everyone comes across these people who have no idea how to control their impulses... I mean, one moment... Continue Reading →

The Obscurity of Pessimism!

Its really Unfortunate that at times when everything is just about going right, the ones who haven't really experienced the good times are really afraid and scared that something, somewhere along the line would come and ruin everything, 'Cuz thats how they know life... ... it's like a child recently crossing the height limits to... Continue Reading →

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