Another Disastrous Day

Pacing up and racing down, trying to get my golden crown… City to city and town to town, I could never lose the frown… So then I thought “I’ll turn it around”, “ride your luck” I made no sound… Ended up in unfamiliar grounds, cut by razors and chased by hounds… Got me patched and... Continue Reading →

The New Year…. Resolution…

I get stuck in the midst of work, Rock and Roll... No typing the keys as the time takes its toll... No saving the world, just trying to make a living… Trying to be calm in this life not so forgiving… So new agendas, new plans for New Year… Living on the edge, tranquilizing the... Continue Reading →

Life…. Get on board!

We are selfish How many times have we heard this? How many times have we thought about a motive before doing a deed? How many times have we ignored the selfless for our own objectives? We are selfish Why do we think about no one but ourselves at times? Why do we let our ego... Continue Reading →

Weird and Confusing

Another one of my pestering thoughts... ...eats me up every now and then again. Tells me to stop and think about how radically life can change... It did, for me at least. Is it just me or everyone comes across these people who have no idea how to control their impulses... I mean, one moment... Continue Reading →

The Obscurity of Pessimism!

Its really Unfortunate that at times when everything is just about going right, the ones who haven't really experienced the good times are really afraid and scared that something, somewhere along the line would come and ruin everything, 'Cuz thats how they know life... ... it's like a child recently crossing the height limits to... Continue Reading →


Its unusual, yet so true that We as humans, forget to breathe ever so often.... Preoccupied with the routine run from home to wherever we go.... In my case, it's was the travel from home to this unusual place, then from one section of newly formed "friends" to another, from the first day in the... Continue Reading →

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