Broken (Part 2)

Stuck in a life I never wantedWorking when I just want to stopCop the shit I’m in every single dayPay after pay it never goes awayGet fit, talk shit, always on the offensiveBreaking through defences, chained in fences They can’t read my thoughts, yetI bet every chance they get, they strikeThey fight to get you... Continue Reading →

Broken (Part 1)

Who made you the creator of my thoughts? Who made you the vision of my god? Inspired words don’t always explain… …the burden of truth, of battles lost Scribblings on my grave are memories that I made. Slowly exhaling the youth away… Fading into the void I can’t describe… In front of the broken mirror.... Continue Reading →

The Monster

    The wait is over but the remembrance remains of a faint monster playing its wasteful game This monster is not the usual kind for it laughs when you wouldn't This monster resides within your head And smears when you couldn't   That prank you played on your sister with the fake ball sack... Continue Reading →


  This isn’t my language, it is my sin… For I can’t complete what I begin…   The flight of doom takes a plunge… A lighter gloom amidst the grunge…   A sober light, a woman’s cry… The night we flew, the nights we tried…   The mystic fighter who boards the boat… The fallen... Continue Reading →

The New Post…

That's right, I'm working on a new post at this current point and time...Just waiting to click a "Just" photograph to go along with it.... Any suggestions on what the topic should be related to...?

Blog/Film Related Survey

Hey people!! Now this is a shout out to everyone... (If I would say a humble request, would you do me a favour then?)... A friend of mine is doing his thesis and requires your help, he is a fellow classmate and is doing his thesis in Blogs and Film related Blogs. If you've got... Continue Reading →


Its unusual, yet so true that We as humans, forget to breathe ever so often.... Preoccupied with the routine run from home to wherever we go.... In my case, it's was the travel from home to this unusual place, then from one section of newly formed "friends" to another, from the first day in the... Continue Reading →

Rock n Roll

I Had to write something about the Love of my life :)Music especially RocknRoll is everything for me, from being sick at the system to being utterly stupid, from being absoutely confusing and paranoid, to the biggest optimist in the whole wide world.Its funny that people don't pay attention to the dedication behind the music.... Continue Reading →

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