Of Crowns and Blood

Act I – Ambush Escape
Dorothy, the King’s daughter, was waiting to escape
while the King’s men anticipate, much awaited deadly fate
“I don’t want to leave father”, she said in her quirky voice
Escorted as the King collapsed, his throne absorbed him one last time
“My King, this way” – commander is in, foot soldiers on either side
A matter of time before it burnt, as Dorothy made her way alive
The King got stranded mid-way, a sailor drowned along his crew

Act II – The Duel
Petronas, the evil one, got informed about the lake
Dorothy was almost out of town, demon had to contemplate
Destroy city or kill the girl? Made his gutsy cunning choice
She could see the water then, thought she made it just in time
Petronas waiting by, chances slim but lake was wide
She had her sword, he had his spear, victory is to just survive
Cuts and blood, on either side. Royalty was counted true

Act III – Sweet Revenge
Broken, bruised, rowing with might, till the end of deathly lake
As the city burnt to flames, she could do nothing more than wait
Months later, she returned. To a city of chains, no freewill or voice
Demon’s son sat on throne, breaking chickens and spilling wine
Waited till the right moment, then challenged him to a fight
Blinded by his ego, dodged her sword – but took her knife
Victory is a common trait. Sweet revenge for chosen few!

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