Apolcalypse Now and Religulous – Movie Reviews

Hey all,My apologies for the delayed blog posts...have been occupied with work, life, love and music...Loads of work in the making, Stay tuned... for the moment, just wanted to share some movie reviews (if you haven't already seen them).The first one being my new favorite Apocalypse Nowhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tt0xxAMTp8MIf you've ever been a fan of War movies, this one's... Continue Reading →

A Precious Gift

How eclectic can you be? When experimenting you resist… How receptive can you be? When the fog hits the mist…     I jumped up with joy; I got what I wanted… Fate’s unusual ploy, my destiny taunted…     I wanted to escape, without the usual route… With too much at stake, I jumped... Continue Reading →

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