Shark Survivor

Down to the stream we went astray
still dabbling with the thoughts of yesterday
“Are we there yet?” said the kid in the backseat
“No darling” replied the mum in the front
A few hours later we arrived at the beach
Boats, nets and a whole lotta sun
Our diving weekend, this is arrival!

Waves lapped against the rocks at bay
beautiful morning, no chance of rains – not today!
Few hours went by – prep, boat, dive, repeat
Not tired like others, she went solo on the hunt
Dived w/ spear – down below and out of reach
floating in water w/ no place to run
Shark-bait today is lonely diver!

She wasn’t invited and wasn’t there to stay
The great white had sniffed an unsuspecting prey
Gunning for the dangling prey, juicy piece of meat
Made a dash at her, snapped a piece, heard a grunt
She is running away. Escaping isn’t hard to teach.
Flashed away back, like a bullet from gun
The warrior mum. The shark survivor!

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