Sunny is the first word that comes to mind
Whenever I look back and press rewind

I was born on a hot day, it sure was Sunny
And they named me that, isn’t that just funny

My mother’s voice still echoes in my head
From the moment I got up, till I went to bed

I went from Sunny to Yash, from Yash to Yatin
Tried my hand at French, Japanese and Latin

Then I grew old, from a young boy to rigid man
Changed my way of thinking, went from Yatin to Yan

But it brought a smile to my face, whenever I spoke to mummy
She loved every version of me, and always called me Sunny

I added Poete Maudit, somehow I knew I was damned
And published a book, even got my left arm stamped

But in my heart of hearts, I am blessed to have a mummy
Who gave her son everything, who made my life sunny

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