True son of mum

A month ago, on 11th of March, I lost my mum in an untimely and tragic demise. A month later, I’m four weeks away from the love of my life Shally, in a country I left a few years ago. I wrote this poem for anyone who disrespects or disregards the love of a son for her mother.

Please be considerate to those who have lost loved ones, you have no idea of what they are going through 🙏

Miss you mummy!

True son of mum

I’m a true son of mum
I won’t take no for an answer
I’m a true son of mum
I’m a survivor, a necromancer
I will stand up for what I believe
I won’t back down in disbelief
I will make my own voice heard
I won’t be a part of your herd

I’m a true son of mum
And you think she didn’t love me
I’m a true son of mum
I wish just once, she could hug me
I couldn’t be there on her last day
But she made me who I am today
My biggest regret, my biggest defeat
Was taking time granted, it was on lease

I’m a true son of mum
I will always fight my battles
I’m a true son of mum
Your ignorance is what rattles
Your disrespect and shamelessness
Is being watched by her right now
And if you had a little mindfulness
You would’ve been considerate now

I’m a true son of mum
I stand with pride as I say her name
I’m a true son of mum
I don’t have time to play your games
From nothing she came, from ashes she rose
From losses to wins, her hard work endured
I imagine lotus’ smiling, as I say “Saroj”
Her seat in heaven has been procured

And now all is said and all is done
The road ahead looks empty and glum
I must lift myself, and start to run
Because I’m really, a true son of mum

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