Yan Shall Studios: Midnight Readings

Moving slowly as we reach to the end of midnight readings archive, to reading number 8. This reading was a bit different as I read aphorisms instead of poetry. I was introduced to Friedrich Nietzsche by the poetry of Jim Morrison, and it caught on to me as I read more of his works. In this reading, I read a few of his aphorisms from his book: Beyond Good and Evil, followed by a couple of my poems from the book: Underwaterfall: A Journey. The painting in the background is one my favourite works by Shally. Here’s a video of the reading:

Here are the aphorisms I read, plus the poems:

Hope you enjoy the readings. Unfortunately due to a busy schedule, there was a delay this week, but I’m hoping that soon the archive would be as current as the social feeds on Instagram and Facebook. Do follow to be absolutely current on all new content (Especially if you’re a music lover 😉 ).

And please don’t forget, all these readings are now available in the playlist ~ Poete Maudit – The Damned Poet on our Youtube channel, so subscribe or share away!


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