It’s True (the upside down poem)

Whatever I say will come true
& If you still don’t believe me
Read it all the way through
Look between the creases
Of all the pages I’ve littered
And all those rambling rhymes
Sometimes foul and bitter
But precisely true to the times

The past, I’ve covered it well
Collected all realities to sell
A manuscript of what is
With a pinch of what if
And a whole lot of what will be
And what the world still be
Opinions and facts dangle
Freedom that’s strangled
with a hint of perspective
A poetic collective

Of monarchs and power
Of desperate hours
Of will and of trips
And those massive blips
I speak about the change
And people who’re strange
Nothing left to recycle
Stuck in an endless cycle
And still out of range
Aloof, alone, estranged

I speak about “the man”
And how power corrupts
I write about the plans
Truth is always abrupt
But I try to write straight to the point
And sometimes turn them upside down
Sometimes a hard kick to the groin
I write words that make you frown

I know I’m not, a yogi or psychic
Not a hero, a villain or sidekick
I’m just a rhyming karmic reporter
Believer of none and with no border
I cite patterns that history laid down
In every city and every familiar town
Not silent, an observer, but a stranger to you
What can I say, whatever I say comes true

(Now read from bottom to top)


Hey All, been away from WP for a while now, I wanted to release this upside down poem called “It’s True” which can be read in both directions, from top to bottom and vice versa. I wrote this after I completed the final editing of my next book (now I’m re-editing it in Kindle w/ my publisher , thanks Amazon!)

Stay tuned for more stuff coming up, including a collection of sonnets on different topics, you get the drift now! I’m more active on my social handles on Twitter and Insta, so holla if you’re there. Stay safe and keep reading & writing all!

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