Put in the garbage (Putin: The Garbage)

Put in the garbage

Put in your despair in a garbage can.
What if Putin is the garbage?

Democracy, Shemocracy – he doesn’t care
He would just walk on it, shit on it, spit on it
His way is the highway

The devil, the world calls him
But do you see a wrinkle on his forehead?
Nothing in the world appals him
He is nothing more than a vocal dickhead

So, “Russian warship, go fuck yourself”
Because really, invasion is the last thing anyone needs
I mean, have you really recovered from COVID?
Or has it made a new home, in your brain where it breeds?

Listen, I’m not trying to make a point, to change your mind
I know it cannot be
If you believe the propaganda already
You might as well believe that Mickey Mouse is real
Because he is
And he’s coming to get you
So, get out with a big-ass mousetrap
And kill yourself
Nah I’m just kidding
Mickey Mouse isn’t real
And so isn’t a Special Military Operation
Or the term “De-Nazification”

We saw 4 years of this already
In the world’s most celebrated democracy
And saw it crumble
While we all laughed
It just tumbled
Down the drains
Where it was packaged
And sold
As alternative facts
But it was fun
Just like United “Shesh”
Man that was dumb

So here we are
In a middle of another humanitarian crisis
Trying to get a giggle
And trying to solve the riddle
Of taking out the trash
Before a missile crash
In the middle of a residential complex
But the deniers deny
Any wrongdoings
Because the TV said so

So, while nothing is funny in the world
Just scrolling through twitter is diabolic
So many bots fill the space
Makes you wonder
Are these bots or recovering alcoholics?
And yet there are real humans
Believing these bots to a point
That they retweet them
And vouch for them
Subliminal propaganda is no longer stealth
They’ve gotta do something for their mental health
I mean, I would roll out my couch for them

But first, I’ve got to put my despair in a garbage can.
But what if Putin is the garbage?

(Submitted to Wergle Flomp Humour Poetry Contest 2022)

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