Is there anyone out there?

Scattering through the never-ending floating junkyard of ruins Like scanning for a nugget on a deserted island after a tsunami Looking for our neighbours in this Milky Way Like searching for someone familiar you know at a party Asteroids take different shapes and trail off Blazing hot like oranges over a tandoor in a dark... Continue Reading →

Death by Cancer

I thought my life was shattered when I heard the bad news...Life from a different angle, I witnessed strange views.What do I do now? I was surrounded with enigma.Never knew there would be such unwanted stigma. “You had it coming” they said, like I lost a hand at poker.I guess it was my fault that... Continue Reading →

Mother Earth

She stands there to witness our construction Not saying a word, she keeps her cool Our creation, lust, wrath & final destruction While her advocates study in school It’s a hoax, it’s a conspiracy they say Winds help her message and tips us Awaiting that horrid yet inevitable day Water brings havoc that fits us... Continue Reading →

I am a lesbian, I am a transgender, I am gay. I am not what you want. I am not what you say. I am the rules you make. I seek for happiness all around. I am what I take. I have no regrets in life. I take on every fight. I am a husband,... Continue Reading →

Another Day

Back in the groove to fight another day… Back on the move, amidst a rainy day… Plans are hay-wired, takes more to process it…   Mind is not retired, it’s just metamorphosis… Steered on to the right, ain’t no corporate spin up… Can’t stop the bleeding fight, chest out and chin up… Pause isn’t the... Continue Reading →

Simple Man – The poem

New Delhi, India The life of a simple man begins often with a simple plan… He checks the clock and packs his bag, The lunch full of rest-over snacks… He checks the time and then he waits, At the stop – the queue he hates… The bus is full but still he goes, The driver’s... Continue Reading →


Time like wheel keeps walking on; Memoirs from subconscious I read… Apprehension haunts, keeps stalking on; Opportunities are what I seek… I laugh and joke and call it a “break”, but is this “break” making me weak? There’s a lot in here, a lot at stake, but can my destiny be oblique? Times shall witness... Continue Reading →

Practically philosophical

The recent times have been nice, hard, complicated, confusing, elating, pragmatic, cynical, blissful, unusual and undoable in terms of my thinking and my state.Yes, I've finally fallen for someone, but then again, for a person like me to fall in Love wasn't exactly the best experience one could get, but it was astoundingly and profoundly... Continue Reading →

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