Wake Up

Murky glow of greed, roasting on amazon’s fire
Starting a movement, marching till their legs retire

Charging big levy on hope and rebate on hate
No child abuse, No dumb “poverty-click-bait”

Pulverising idols for a new satanic “Wall-Mart”
New world to be built. New hope’s a false start

Killing our dreams without their hands being trembly
Enough of this BS, let’s call on the general assembly!

Mr. President
Mr. Prime Minister
Mr. Chairman
Mr. Ambassador
Mr. Businessman

Wake Up

Let the chains be freed, justice weighed by liars
In the name of atonement, they get slaves for hire

Guilt’s stone is heavy, incarceration is their fate
Back behind bars, parole’s denied – not just late

Second chances are in movies, there’s no restart
Only a forceful guilt, only a broken heart

Spilling more blood in the name of fake wisdom
Enough of this shit show, let’s call on the prison system!

Mr. Police Officer
Mr. Warden
Mr. Premier
Mr. Commissioner
Mr. Attorney General

Wake Up

Blessed with great deeds, state of distress is much higher
Breathing out of containment, heading to a funeral pyre

Bills piling w/ broken levee, vital stats are in dire straits
Conditions of drug abuse, going to hell via deathly gates

What can we sell more? Pharma makes its draft
Pharmacy follows the bills, Doctors play their part

The rich gets the treatment, the poor gets their bigotry
Nonsense is what it is, let’s call on pharma industry!

Mr. Executive
Mr. Officer
Mr. Controller
Mr. Physician
Mr. Pharmacist

Wake Up

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