Polar Express

Wintertime is delayed like a showstopper at celebration
Quite an elation, for polar express to arrive
Line at the front desk, queue at the station
A canvas to fill, quest for restoration
Free of isolation, riding this metal creation
Where sadness is obsolete
But hopes are sprayed with glimpse of mild sedation

Curving across like sculptor finishing its piece
Mind full of ease, away from subtle toxic death
Running out of breath, but closer to peace
Just being ourselves, with no one to please
Flying away, like white doves in a breeze
Unfolding the night, our moment to seize
Ending silent auctions for life lived on lease

Deep into space, beyond the empty void of reality
Proving its duality, heating up the metal wheels
Just like life back home, questioning morality
This is now a saving grace, our spirituality
A world without pandemics, or more fatalities
Passing steadily over a half-lit moon
Reminiscing a life lived in quality

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