E is for Evil

The story of the dark empire
A simple solution, an innocent liar
Giving us a new vision
Hooking us up to television
Bags of cash like piles of garbage
Splattered around like blood in carnage
Corporate ladders are broken
A slithering lie, a lying token
Read the fine print

The ones who work will obey
And bow down, for the one who pays
Muting your every scream
Redacting your every dream
Counting days you fell ill
Your loan is standing still
Stranded alone like chicks in cages
Living a lie, a spy in stages
All agendas are hidden
A child’s cry, bedridden
Life’s a mean stint

The empire will go down to dust
Do what you can, and what you must
As when this train goes off track
Everything will turn to black
Work to sweat, live to chill
Take the exit, not the pill
Living free like a soaring bird
Be the wolf in the herd
All their steps are calculated
Half-baked lies, celebrated
Take the damn hint

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