Venice Escape

Another short story published on the lifestyle zine – cafesncities. This one’s close to my heart, it is about my experience at the amazing Venice beach in California. An excerpt from the story is below:

“My mind was still at rest at the time, not thinking about anything but heading back to start work on my poem. I was still unsure about what to write about. As I got near to the building, the universe gave me a sign on not to focus on anything, but to simply enjoy the moment. This Venice escape was not for me, but for my mind to run wild and for my imagination to take an uncharted course.”

the soft parade
has soon begun.

Cool Pools
from a tired land
sink now
in the peace
of evening

Jim Morrison”

You can find the full story here at cafesncities online magazine:

Also, if you wanna find out the poem I eventually wrote, that can be found here:

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