Broken (Part 2)

Stuck in a life I never wanted
Working when I just want to stop
Cop the shit I’m in every single day
Pay after pay it never goes away
Get fit, talk shit, always on the offensive
Breaking through defences, chained in fences

They can’t read my thoughts, yet
I bet every chance they get, they strike
They fight to get you down, on your knees
Makes them feel good, feel worthy
Gloating in their ego, basking in the glory
No time for your story, shake a leg man – till this shit hits the fan

Will I rise again? consolation prizes are forgotten
Rotten thoughts are no compromise, nothing to evangelise
Race, greed, gender, caste, accent, clothing
A pat on your back, I won’t be loathing
Money is what rules, not your wise decision
Boasting is accomplishing, ego – their religion

Pay the fines, pay the rent, pay the fucking man
Don’t cross the bloody lines, do what you fucking can
Why so arrogant? Why you being so mad?
Wait. “You shouldn’t be in a position this bad!”
When the kids are beaten and the women are disrespected
You’re not the only person in the world who’s neglected

You don’t know anything, go back to where you came from
Ordain from, the white house. The white mouse was tested.
Rested are my feet but my soul – not resurrected.
Plans are already made, mate – you aint in ‘em!
Spin ‘em – over, feed the BS to the rover.
Doesn’t matter what you scatter, they’ll still be getting fatter

And you think all lives matter? The box is full of chatters
Fatter are the bills, the contracts. You’re on the wrong tracks.
Sneaking on the corner, to you – you belong, to them – you’re a foreigner
Honour and respect – extinct dominion, to you – it’s a fact, to them – an opinion
A minion at work, you lurk at the optimistic token, truer words were never spoken
Take a minute to think – what beast you’ve awoken
Humanity can be fixed, but you can’t glue all hearts being broken.

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