The Obscurity of Pessimism!

Its really Unfortunate that at times when everything is just about going right, the ones who haven’t really experienced the good times are really afraid and scared that something, somewhere along the line would come and ruin everything, ‘Cuz thats how they know life…

… it’s like a child recently crossing the height limits to graduate from a kiddie ride to a roller coaster in an amusement park.

Sometimes I look back and sink in regret thinking what if I made different decisions than what I made. I put myself in the shoes of Ashton Kutcher in “The Butterfly Effect” and try to measure the changes in my life that would’ve occurred if I would’ve made different choices. Even though the choices I made had a huge impact on my present, what I also believe is that its not entirely me… It’s the people around me who made long lasting decisions and notions…

am I being pragmatic or obscurely a pessimist here when I say that one should never judge himself, ‘Cuz when you look at your own reflection in the mirror, you see a person whom you want it to be, not the one who exists… you and your conscience both know who the real you is…
… but then I think again… What if someone has been made to believe that his real self is worthless right from the very beginning to the extent that he has forgotten who he really is…

P.S.: This post truly describes the blog when I say it really pestered me the entire day about random “cling-lings” of my life, the thoughts of my restless, unwinding mind!

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