Metallica – Death Magnetic : The Review that never came! Part 1

Allright, This is the first of my reviews for any album I’ve given on this blog…

… Should’ve been done by me in September. But Unfortunately got a bit short on time…

Here it is Metalheads, the review that never came

The Playlists has 10 songs in total… this post contains the indepth for the first three…

1. This was just your life

Starts off with a good riff, James hetfield voice has turned into more of a punk/grunge vocalist leavy the heaviness and thrash cockiness and developing into this other guy.

The Riffs are pretty good and pretty catchy, especially the interludes and the solo, Hammett pulls off a good one in this one… The drum patterns are not bad as well… but theres nothing in this song that reminds you of “And justice for all” and/or “Kill ’em all”… Thats the dilemma of being a Metallica fan these days… You kinda land up in the new age punk, or new age metalcore when you think about following music like the band…

All through the song, you kinda find it tough to find Trujillo, as if he doesn’t even exist… In the chorus and towards the end, the song goes better, but the moment you think the songs gonna kick ass, it ends 😦

The only thing that remains, after the song is over is the riff that goes on all through the song…

2. The End of the line

The song begins with a tight “In your face” riff, promising it to remind you of the old age “Master of Puppets” metallica… The moment you think they’ll pick it up… The new Metallica returns…. No wonder, Newstead added something in Metallica that they were missing… You would be able to find Trujillo in this song…

The interlude reminds you of Red hot chilli peppers, very catchy, and I love it 🙂 If you follow thrash metal ONLY, you kinda hate me by now…. The song is sooo much better that than This was just your life… the thing that makes it a bit icky is the transition from the interlude to the chorus…

This sounds like this shouldve been a part of fuel or refuel… Towards the middle of the song the jam is pretty nice, Hammett pulls of nicely and everything that metallica has to offer comes out, new riffs are an integral part of that…. the solos get better in the same Jam, and I truly loved that song… it goes all the more to that catchy riff, the transition is seldom yet very nice..

The song slows down, you get the impression that they would do a master of puppets on you, and they kinda do, its not monotonous when the “Slave becomes the Master”

The only thing that may put you off for the first time is the transition of chorus and “The end of the line”, gives an impression that its been forced in…

The ending is pretty good, at the end of it all, you love the song and you kinda remember the catchy riff and the last few bits of the interlude…

one of my favorites of the Album…

3. Broken, Beat and Scarred

Thumping, of the hook drum pattern (which is quite good, actually) and a catchy riff… The bass is audible in the riff… leads into the intri riff…

Hetfield is very St. Angerish still, sounds so punk rockerish! Trujillo is pretty audible here, Typical Black Album song… nicely compiled….

Interlude kicks in… drum pattern is still not the fast paced, double bass yet…. which eventually kicks in with the chorus… Hammett gives a jig jig jiggling with his distorted amp….

The best part about the song is the solo, which is probably one of the best solos on the album, you can feel Metallica in action…

All in all, nice song, Great for a Metallica fan. Reminds me of the riffs in Ride the lightening!

5 thoughts on “Metallica – Death Magnetic : The Review that never came! Part 1

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  1. i quite agree with ur evaluation of the songs but u made s lil mistake… check the spelling of hetfield!!! How can u misspell that??? HOW DARE U DO THIS TO METALLICA………


  2. Arre baba, The Music’s more important than the spellings Benny, Don’t be emotional over a rock Band man and you would Kick me for Metallica?? I should’ve killed you for Cobain in that sense?? LOL


  3. jhabru dont blame me for Cobain… it was not me… it was tickles singh… & ok i will not kick u over a rock band but then on second thoughts i might… he he he he… baaki ke reviews bhi de daal ab… & spell the name correctluy this time 😉 … eeenjoy!!!


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