Its unusual, yet so true that We as humans, forget to breathe ever so often…. Preoccupied with the routine run from home to wherever we go…. In my case, it’s was the travel from home to this unusual place, then from one section of newly formed “friends” to another, from the first day in the college to the first visit to a  workplace… it was always about the travel from one place to another, the interactions and then again the biggest rush to the brain, thinking about the future and regrets from the past, which still lingers around somewhere… From one section of people that we interact with to the others, In this race, We forget to stand still and breathe, with the utmost silence.
Why have we engrossed ourselves in this surreal labyrinth of thoughts, of vague plans uttering curses on our teeny tiny braincells? What is it that we are worried about? I mean, its funny but I’ve known some people for such a long time and in the past few weeks, they’ve turned into someone else. It’s like they were expecting something to happen…. that something was just simply a change! I don’t know why but people don’t like changes it seems. They just want the things to stay the way they like. In this hurry, they forget that there are loads out there, who breathe…
I’m the same flesh as them, created the same way, But why is it that there are only a few who understand my perspective? Life sometimes could tell you the answers without using any words at all, isn’t it…? The only good thing about such experiences in my life is that, I now know how important it is to breathe… the thing that keeps us alive, we gotta enjoy it man!!!

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  1. I completly agree with you dude….things might change day-by-day, we have to change according to the things, today I am 24 I can’t be like this when I reach 40..anyways, nice post dude…


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