Rock n Roll

I Had to write something about the Love of my life 🙂

Music especially RocknRoll is everything for me, from being sick at the system to being utterly stupid, from being absoutely confusing and paranoid, to the biggest optimist in the whole wide world.

Its funny that people don’t pay attention to the dedication behind the music. They think that its just something they can hear and carry on living and doing what they do. It makes me sick to think that people know the fact that when they hear or listen a particular song which reminds them of something in the past associated with “them”, they find it nostagically beautiful, otherwise, its just another song. Woah!

Theres a lot that goes behind the song, The new generation think its pretty “cool” to listen to it. Its not “cool” or “dashing” or “making a fashion statement” or anything else but its just a way of living.

I really hate it when people try to associate a Rock sub genre with the whole Music. For example, most of my friends who aren’t into rocknroll think its a waste of time and is nothing but noise. Being a musician, I feel like someone’s spitting on my face, I find it offensive and a personal attack. Its okay not to like a particular genre of Rock but to blame the whole Music about it is ludicrous. Its like saying that everyone in the worl sucks, as if we’ve met everyone around the world…. ha!

Anyways, the reason why I love and adore this genre of Music is due to the fact that it stood by me when everyone else didn’t and it was the only thing that I wasn’t disinterested in.
The best part about Rock Music is that I can associate my past life to anything in its vivid territory. Every philosophy, ideas, thoughts, perception, everything that I have is due to a huge influence of this genre of Music, Of course, in a good way.

I don’t like to promote this Music or won’t suggest you anything. Cuz I believe one should be able to discover a music that he/she can relate to, not necessarily being Rock or any sub-genre of the music.

My life would be empty without music. Just plain hollow. My sympathies to those who dont like MUSIC (of any sort).