The crowd

It’s one hell of an experience to live your life in a place which is full of people.
If you’re living all alone, then it becomes all the more interesting.
Living alone in a big city with just a handfew of pals gives you more time to do and think everything you ever wanted to.
There are no restrictions, no timebound obligations, except from your routine job, that is.
I’m not a health freak or a religious person or a shopping person. But then again, when I think about people who are, it gives me something to appreciate. Its a routine for them. Most of them do it for the heck of doing it. But there are some who do it passionately, which makes me respect them, except for spendthrifts who waste their money buying something which they know they would never use.
Music has and always be my companion in such time. It gives me a relief equivalent to resting my bones beside the fire after I come home cold and tired just like Roger waters explicitly described.
The thing about “The crowd” is it makes me think a lot of what went around in my early days and gives me a hint of that glooming vague future. You see musicians, mime artists everywhere you go in the crowd and it gives me a bitter taste in their experiences. They love to do what they do, but not in the best of arena to showcase what they have.
Living in a multicultural place, also gives you a taste of differences. Not in terms of differences amongst, but in terms of differences alike. That tells me that life goes on and it doesn’t really matter where you’ve been or what you’ve done in the past. All that matters is what you do now and where you’re at…