They’re all around you, but you just don’t seem to notice.
Its fun to be a nobody, who would know? who would care?
People grab attention for no particular reason, they just want to make people aware of their presence.
But Why would one choose to be a nobody?
well, Why not?
Aren’t we all sick and tired of people telling us how great, or creative, or talented, or genius they are.
I guess most of us aren’t. We are prone to watch reality shows where a bunch full of nobody’s show up in search for that one “Somebody”
“Somebody” moves up. nobody is a nobody again, but only this time, he’s proven a nobody, the world sees him not through him. It’s like a label been given to a person that he’s good for nothing.
So what happens to this nobody? Well, less people knew that this nobody had a life, had some dreams, but the only thing that he didn’t wanted came between his aspirations and himself. But this nobody was passionate enough to be “Somebody”. Not that he didn’t like being seen through, not that he didn’t like people not noticing what he’s wearing, what he likes or dislikes. He couldn’t be much happier, but he knew that something was missing. The funny part is that when the nobody transforms into a somebody, he wants to go back again, but he just can’t.

Who the hell was this nobody? This nobody was every success story ever heard. Nobodys are growing… Your ex-school friend could be a nobody, you could be a nobody, your neighbour could be a nobody.

Is there a point in all this? Yeah, the point is pretty simple. respect people, their opinions, their philosophies, their faith. just respect people who deserve to be respected. their point of view. The only remedy of eradicating nobodys…

PS: the “nobodys” are implied as nobodYS instead of nobodies or i need to improve my grammar.

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