An Interview With Reaper!

Me: So you’ve got a tough job on your hand!
Reaper: Well, Someone’s gotta do it!
Me: Yeah, that’s right. Well I’ve got so much to ask you, how much time do I have?
Reaper: You eventually would have loads of time, but now, you’ve got less to ask. so better be quick, ‘cuz i need to take some lives away from certain countries of the world where people are pretty eager to make my job busier!
Me: Okay, well, I’ll make it quick, Let me start by asking you, how does it feel when you are sent to take lives away from all the people who really need it. as in people on whom their family or their loved ones are dependant upon?
Reaper: How do u think it would feel?
Me: Well, I guess you might feel terrible and say that its your job to do it.
Reaper: Not quite, I don’t feel any bad at all. They had their time, they couldn’t make the best out of it. Its not me who control their decisions, its the person himself. Anyone can think out of the ordinary and do out of the box. But they wont. I find it humourous to find that people have confined themselves to this bubble, this isolation. Thinking that what they see on the TV is right or wrong. They have stopped questioning. Probing everything isn’t important. what is important is that you probe!
Me: That’s not true in all the cases…
Reaper: Who said it is? one out of thousands of lives that i take every minute thinks out of the box. thats a low number isnt it!
Me: What about the one person? how do you feel when you take his life away!?
Reaper: I feel good, I mean what was he trying to prove anyway?
Me: Well you’re pretty pessimistic…
Reaper: What do you expect out of a reaper?
Me: Oh well, yea… but then coming back to the discussion, how do u want people to live their life?
Reaper: I’m no God… I don’t expect anything out of anyone. There have been people who tried in the past to break this bubble of isolation. atleast they proved a point. Thats what I would do if I would be mortal. Prove a damn point…
Me: I guess that sums it up, thanks man, thanks for all your words…
Reaper: Okay then, Would see you….. Eventually!

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