The World around us…

Its funny how the surrounding changes our way of living isnt it…
…back in my childhood years, I assumed that my life would never ever change, that I would always be like this, but then again it was necessary. Change.
Changes that occurred in my way were obscured by many unwanted experiences and unwanted people. Somebody said once “always try to grasp the best out of everything” and I guess I did.
So What would’ve happened if I wouldnt have changed, irrespective of the surroundings, irrespective of wherever I went. I surely would have proved the dunce out of myself at every instance. But the question here is, Do our philosophy of life or attitude towards it is entirely defined by the people we interact or the world around us?
I’d say yes, It sure is. The more you see, the better it is. You tend to gain a know how about the joys and miseries of life. Its not synonymous to the idea of “experiencing pain to tell the difference philosophy” but rather the idea of empathy towards the scenario and avoiding such to happen in the world around you. To put it in a simplistic manner, Experience, interact, Live…
…I am pretty amazed to find happiness in a nutshell and sorrows in sun. I hope anyone may find what I did…

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