Weird and Confusing

Another one of my pestering thoughts…
…eats me up every now and then again. Tells me to stop and think about how radically life can change…
It did, for me at least.
Is it just me or everyone comes across these people who have no idea how to control their impulses…
I mean, one moment they’re all friendly and snap! there they go again with a punch right where it hits you the most, on your self esteem.
Sometimes I feel like leaving my skin of “just be nice and they’ll understand” behind and tell them to screw themselves…
…but I can’t, I just can’t…
…I guess since I know how it feels to be left out, I just don’t want to offend anyone and that’s where I’m so wrong! or am I?
It’s just a weird world we live in today and it’s very difficult to comprehend the pros and cons of paranoid behaviour in today’s generation.
Why can’t people get over themselves? Why the HELL are they so full of themselves?? I mean, when the HELL would they get over the fact that there are people…
..with feelings, with something called a self FREAKING respect and stop poking fingers at the wrong place at the wrong FREAKING time…?
The moment you feel real glad to be alive, they bum you in and yell “Hey we’re not FREAKING happy ‘Cuz you’re happy!!!” get over it MOFOS!!!
Confusing? Isn’t it?
Come to think about it, people are so much blinded by what THEY think is right, how THEY think it’s appropriate for you to be, its always about FREAKING them….
It’s not rocket science… or is it?
As a friend I have the normal abilities to understand that if my friend is confused and he needs help, I should help him, If he’s happy and for that matter, overjoyed, just share his happiness and not to spoil his mood by making personal DUMB remarks…
…By appreciating a slight change of his plans, not by kicking his reality into the dumps by yelling at something that he truly loves
…When the HELL would they learn…?
It’s just so true that people who think twice before they communicate are the ones who’ve been through with these RETARDS… hell, there could be one reading this right now!!
Get over yourself… Life is more beautiful than your STUPID mirror…

2 thoughts on “Weird and Confusing

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  1. Most of the time when you’re happy, and someone gets pissed off because you ARE, they’re just insecure people.When you’re happy and someone bums you off again, don’t mind him but also don’t let him abuse you..Talk some freaking sense through their thick skulls dude. They’ve got issues, but they’re still human that can understand..


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