Life…. Get on board!

We are selfish

How many times have we heard this?

How many times have we thought about a motive before doing a deed?

How many times have we ignored the selfless for our own objectives?

We are selfish

Why do we think about no one but ourselves at times?

Why do we let our ego take over our actions at times?

Why do we realize we’re wrong when it’s too late?

I am selfish

I have been beaten, broken and stood up again, for myself.

I have made decisions which were harsh, which suited me.

I repented on things too late, I ignored the selfless for my own objectives.

I am not alone. I am a result of the environment I’ve been in.

There have been friends who called themselves to be related to me but didn’t show up

There have been friends who made me realize how selfish I am

There have been people who called themselves my friends, for their own motives

We are selfish

And then, there are the selfless…

The ones who wait for me when I’m not around them

The ones who tell me everything’s going to be alright

The ones who would do anything for me and not ask anything in return. Happily.

It’s a small world they say, yet it’s difficult to find the selfless from the selfish

Experiences make you a better judge, but you cannot ever be perfect.

That’s life for you, better board the deck to get to them before it gets too late…!

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