Helter Skelter

Under the vengeful sky, I pick the bricks for this sick demise
I’m glad I survived, but couldn’t duck the luck that struck my eye

Thud! Pop! Bang!

This is not a hailstorm! This is a cry to die at the end of times
I’ve got to brainstorm!  Not simply stand here unsatisfied

Tattered clothes are weeping red, the dead – they pled, the passers-by
I, dashed away and fled, the scene, the sight, I sighed and cried

With my battered left eye, I roamed ravenous roads raging
Not a single helping guide, state of the union is enraging

Houses humming heartful hymns, as I seek a temp shelter
Peasants paying for richly sins, logic is helter-skelter

You! Hands up!

Screamed some savage, strangely, I thought I am about to die
I raised one hand up daintily, the other holding up my left eye

“Why are you out?” he asked, “Didn’t you hear the ghastly bells?”
“Sir, I…came…” I gasped, plotting poisonous plan to propel

“I came out to help a guardsman”, I said
He looked and me, from toe to head

“You’re rather be dead than helpful?”
His hair was grey, and the air, suspenseful

“No, Sir” I tried my best to explain
Maybe this savage will catch my game

“Go in and find some place to hide”, he said before I could complete
I nodded, got up, dashed inside, like ice skidding in rabid heat

The fires and rocks, that killed our stocks, were no godly number
No more keys, no more locks, they will pay for their blunder

I cleaned myself and patched my eye, geared gasser guarded grinning
Chin held high and ready to die, dead men never regarded no sinning

Bang! Bang! Bang!

My first three shots pierced his back, the savage fell on his chest
Still not dead with the shock attack, regretting not making arrest

As he saw my face, he pointed his bloody hand towards me
I spat in disgrace, showed him no mercy or empathy

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Emptied the already shot casing, bullets slapping him between the eyes
A terrible end to all the chasing; Bullet holes bruising their skin of lies

I looked around and darted away, few more savages to hunt in the shelter
The sinners will have to pay, the price of murders in this Helter-Skelter


Huge thanks to Shally.Art for the amazing work on the art. All images and words are copyright protected.

My first book, Underwaterfall is out now on Amazon and Smashwords, do grab a copy if you haven’t already! Oh n it’s free to read 🙂

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