Mother Earth

She stands there to witness our construction
Not saying a word, she keeps her cool
Our creation, lust, wrath & final destruction
While her advocates study in school

It’s a hoax, it’s a conspiracy they say
Winds help her message and tips us
Awaiting that horrid yet inevitable day
Water brings havoc that fits us

But they are deaf, devoid of perception
We find a way about and save “our” lands
She delegates the job to volcanic eruption
A show of coal charred faces and coarse hands

A packaged lie passed on from generations
She smiles even more, blowing winds our way
A way of life, our path to salvation
Not the same old forecast, not the same old day

Her poor children are the most affected
Her tears fill up the tiny islands on the shore
While factories killing her, are resurrected
She’s down on her knees, but we’re killing her core

But she will recover, for we’ve been here for years
And grab that cash when we can, it’s all about the coin
We shouldn’t patch her up, we’ll just wipe her tears
Till she gives us a fatal blow, a kick to the groin

She’s had enough and she will not be quiet
You know she’s been patient, yet she is always right
She has the power of creation, from death – she finds birth
No cause for a celebration, our dying mother earth

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