I am a lesbian, I am a transgender, I am gay.
I am not what you want.
I am not what you say.

I am the rules you make.
I seek for happiness all around.
I am what I take.

I have no regrets in life.
I take on every fight.
I am a husband, I am a wife.

I am your sister and your bro.
I am the friend you seek.
I know what I know.

I am queer, I am bisexual.
I don’t go by the norm.
I am defined, I am conceptual.

I feel what you feel.
I am not a joke.
I am not a disease to heal.

I am upset, I am elated.
I bring out the best in me.
I am on time, I am belated.

I am the ocean, I am the tide.
I am a human.
And I walk with pride!

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