Flying away like an unhinged feather
Speeding away all wrapped in leather

Forgetting yesterday’s troubles away
Cherishing the moment that’s here to stay

Up in arms about how you’ve been
Breathing in the hills and feeling the scene

Ecstatic about the ones you love
Drifting past the flying dove

Hitting the right and playful notes
Floating on the narrow boats

The grass has never been this greener
Screaming more than whistling steamer

Living this moment right here
Not giving a thought, not giving a care

Cutting all the hard edges – to point of perfection
Absorbing all the sweet affection

Can’t freeze the flowing water
Once set, time can’t be altered

No faulty lines will play their part
No rocking rain, no sacred heart

Changes present the gift of time
A tough cookie, a simple rhyme

Here’s an ode to what might be coming
Of my own and my becoming

Of those whom I love and know
Don’t tell me now “I told you so”

A smile of winds flowing our way
A content which is here to stay

Tomorrow’s better if we make it one
There will be rainbows in the sun

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