The Monster

The wait is over but the remembrance remains
of a faint monster playing its wasteful game
This monster is not the usual kind
for it laughs when you wouldn’t

This monster resides within your head
And smears when you couldn’t

That prank you played on your sister
with the fake ball sack hanging
The car was on the highway
when they heard the fake corpse banging
The monster spewed its web
a literal one around dad
The monster made you laugh so hard
when the situation was sad

You chuckled when you made that joke
Looked like he pee’d his pants
That joke could have been funnier
had you done it in the stands

And then you found a hidden gem
a practical joke on mum
The humour crossed its’ line a bit
when her hair was glued with gum

Kicked the dirt in the faces of bullies
and planning a secret rebellion
Replacing their bright blue towels
With a layer of living chameleon
The monster was indeed your “A-Game”

As the audience cries out with laughter
Somehow, something died inside of you
But the monster lived after

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