The free road….

Alas! The free road, the one I can walk with pride…

Where I would have no fear, would have nothing to hide…

Is this nirvana? Is this a dream or a delusion…?

Is this real? Or I’m contemplating an illusion?

I can’t walk free… I have my thoughts blocking my way…

I can’t walk free… I have responsibilities to carry away…

So what is this feeling I get? Why do I seem free…?

Maybe because of the transition, from being myself to me…

Myself being the tiresome fellow, who had a boring run…!

Me being the carelessly mellow, the one who knows how to have fun…!

The free road is ahead of me, I want to walk and take my time…

Nothing has been said of me, I don’t care if I don’t rhyme…

So whatever it is, I feel good! Even if this isn’t free…

I feel elated to be with those, who make me feel just like me!

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