Time like wheel keeps walking on; Memoirs from subconscious I read…
Apprehension haunts, keeps stalking on; Opportunities are what I seek…

I laugh and joke and call it a “break”, but is this “break” making me weak?
There’s a lot in here, a lot at stake, but can my destiny be oblique?

Times shall witness my own feat; I make up my mind fanatically…
What’s a win without defeat; just think about it pragmatically.

So I’m glad I was away, from the tensions of clocking in…
My boat in lake didn’t go astray; there was no call for docking in!

Family time is quality time, is what I realized in the recent past…
I’m not greedy, “I know what’s mine”; and you can’t do everything fast!

So when I’m down I smile, because I know; what I’ve gained in exchange…
It’s good to wait a while, than to go; in a territory that’s simply strange…

Some people or incidents in life; change the way you think sometimes…Some things strike when the time is right; and then everything seems just right!

So out of all the accusations, I realized that “friends” can be fake…
The plan doesn’t need any alterations, We all should take a timely break!

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  1. Thanks for the visit Tom. It's funny when friends don't support you at the time you want them to, isn't it… Indeed a valuable lesson. I visited your blog Tom and it's a wonderful idea for charity, especially for the kids who're in need 🙂


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