The Obscurity of Pessimism!

Its really Unfortunate that at times when everything is just about going right, the ones who haven't really experienced the good times are really afraid and scared that something, somewhere along the line would come and ruin everything, 'Cuz thats how they know life... ... it's like a child recently crossing the height limits to... Continue Reading →


Its unusual, yet so true that We as humans, forget to breathe ever so often.... Preoccupied with the routine run from home to wherever we go.... In my case, it's was the travel from home to this unusual place, then from one section of newly formed "friends" to another, from the first day in the... Continue Reading →

Practically philosophical

The recent times have been nice, hard, complicated, confusing, elating, pragmatic, cynical, blissful, unusual and undoable in terms of my thinking and my state.Yes, I've finally fallen for someone, but then again, for a person like me to fall in Love wasn't exactly the best experience one could get, but it was astoundingly and profoundly... Continue Reading →

Rock n Roll

I Had to write something about the Love of my life :)Music especially RocknRoll is everything for me, from being sick at the system to being utterly stupid, from being absoutely confusing and paranoid, to the biggest optimist in the whole wide world.Its funny that people don't pay attention to the dedication behind the music.... Continue Reading →

The crowd

It's one hell of an experience to live your life in a place which is full of people.If you're living all alone, then it becomes all the more interesting.Living alone in a big city with just a handfew of pals gives you more time to do and think everything you ever wanted to.There are no... Continue Reading →


They're all around you, but you just don't seem to notice.Its fun to be a nobody, who would know? who would care?People grab attention for no particular reason, they just want to make people aware of their presence.But Why would one choose to be a nobody?well, Why not?Aren't we all sick and tired of people... Continue Reading →

An Interview With Reaper!

This is just my fictitious view of what would I ask if i meet Reaper - the one that comes to take lives away! Thought this would ellaborate a bit of my insight of how would someone who gives us death thinks about the death itself and people fearing it... Me: So you've got a... Continue Reading →

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