Is there anyone out there?

Scattering through the never-ending floating junkyard of ruins
Like scanning for a nugget on a deserted island after a tsunami

Looking for our neighbours in this Milky Way
Like searching for someone familiar you know at a party

Asteroids take different shapes and trail off
Blazing hot like oranges over a tandoor in a dark summer night

The moons smirk on our attempts to go beyond
Like a killer laughing on investigators going the wrong way

Planets continue their cycle of destruction and creation
Like Shiva destroying the world with his third eye, only to be recreated by Brahma

Stars have a bright twinkle in their gas-filled eye
Like a young girl winning her first dance competition

Blackholes waiting to devour an unsuspecting star
Like a noble pick-pocket waiting ten yards away from Eiffel Tower

Space stations being fixed by brave relentless air soldiers
Diligent like a dark horse being trained for its first derby

Rovers being assembled. Commissioned to race on coarse pot hole surface
Like the hands of a coal miner working fifteen hours a day

Gigantic telescopes trying to find that sun-kissed sign of life
Like firefighters removing rubbles from a falling building
As if to ask

Is there anyone out there?

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